Ten reasons why video games are better than girlfriends……

Ten reasons why video games are better than girlfriends……

Written by Pritam Sen. Posted in Bizarre

Insane things happen with me time and again.

“Well what the hell is wrong with you, what else do you want from me???”

Well sorry guys, my bad. I was having a moment with my girlfriend, Yeah she is still my girlfriend,

“Honey, you still love me, right????”

Don’t worry guys she will be back,*sob SOB, what is wrong with you universe why can’t you see me happy??????? Sometimes, I wonder really seriously regarding twisted thoughts like why  men need  girlfriends??? I mean if we need to waste time , what better than video games. Seriously, after giving tremendous thoughts about this whole situation with my girlfriend (who is apparently crazy), I can name you ten reasons why video games are better than girlfriends.

1. Easy replaceable:- It’s like when you are bored with your old video game you can sell it, give away as charity, or at least recycle it and save the mother nature, but I can’t possibly think of one place on this oval piece of rock where u can this easily get rid of your ex. No, no just give it a thought, I mean my roommate spends two hour’s everyday trying to make up with his girlfriend. I mean seriously, so much hard work after FIFA you can fucking become a game tester for EA sports. I meant that you can play games for a living (who doesn’t want that).

2. Pause button: - Video games come with an inbuilt pause and auto save feature. You can leave your game any time you want, and resume it any time you want with no question’s asked, But in case of your girlfriend “Oooo do you know sky is blue, and blue is the new colour of this season, haven’t I told you I hate sun, Sunny Leone is such a blaw balw balw bal….. … .. …. … .. . . . . .. pika pika     …….. ..  .   .. My mom was like   …..  … blaw  blabla bablaba   …     are you even listening to me, and why where u staking that girl go I won’t talk to you anymore….. ……. ” boyfriend “pause pause pause ”
Trust me, it’s never going to happen .

3. It’s yours (Do what u want):- when you buy a video game, you can play with it any time you want, as long as you want, and no one is going to complain about it, companies can promise 100% satisfaction, but with the girls you have to continuously woo them, pamper them, change your awesome Friday plans, according to their wishes, you put in a lot of effort, hard work if you want any action.

4. Stay in shape always:- Videogames have an amazing look throughout the day. You could just gaze on and on into the beauty without any holy muthafucka stopping you. You don’t need to give them prior notice before any eventful evening, they are ever ready always there with their best suits on.

5. You can win in games:-  Answer me a little question my friends, when was the last time you won a fight with your girlfriend? Let me guess.. Can’t think? Coz it never happened. No offence, happens with everybody. Well videogames are designed to give you amazing adventure along with victory at the end of the story, but with girls the chances of victory is -àNEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE, you can never win .

6. You can share:- With video games you can play on your own or play with a friend, two friends even call the entire class over your place and share it with them and still enjoy. With girls however you are luck even if you find one to play with and even when you do they rarely want another girl involved.

It was last weak me and my ex *sob we were debating

She:-  “no”

I:- “One more, it will lot more fun”
She:- ”no, you pervert am I not enough for you, I am calling mommy ”

I know right “why me, why the good people”

7. Better with time:- Now with passing time, videogames are getting better and better, like the graphics sound the IE and stuff, so technically they look better looking with age, well we can’t say the same about your girlfriends, can we ??

8. More expensive (CPI):- Women are more expensive. Considering video games, you probably need is to buy some games and console *use pirate bay and download for free. Women are on the other hand is an ongoing you know lifelong expense. Recently, I came across a new term called CPI which stands for cost per incretion and I know mine had a pretty high CPI. So I am going to let you guys do your math’s.

*(people still trying to figure CPI, Google it)


10. You can choose from a wide range:- You get games for every mood. You are angry shoot your friend’s brain’s out, and still can enjoy his company during dinner. You are lonely play some mindless crazy game like angry birds, Horney? You can play feast yourself with erotic games like Rapelay, Virtual girlfriend, Pink panthers, Kitty kat. Well, what I am not a pervert, I am just well-versed in their names, simple!!

So people dump your girlfriends now and get gaming. Gaming HOOOOO!!!!.
Fuck man!!!!!!!!!!!! my roommate was right I will never have an girlfriend L……

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